Professional Carpet & Tiles Cleaning Services with a Lady’s Touch!

Cloth Upholstery Cleaning Services

Couches, mattresses and chairs can get pretty grubby with the day to day living, especially with small children and pets.

Spilt drinks? Pet stains? Doggie drool? Bad smell? We can help!

We can bring your furniture back to tip top condition in just a few hours!

All upholstery cleaning begins with a thorough vacuum to remove as much loose dirt and soil as possible. Each panel is carefully vacuumed using a high intensity vacuum brush head and then followed by the vacuum wand into all of the crevices and seams to remove any dirt gathered in the corners.

Depending on the material and the soiling type — we can either steam clean or  dry clean (encapsulation) your furniture using low moisture techniques.

Your upholstery will look and feel great! Cleaner! Fresher! And smelling better than ever!

Leather Cleaning Services

Cleaning leather can be a tricky and time consuming process.

We take great care in using the latest in environmentally friendly leather products to clean and nourish your leather back to top condition.

First, we gently wash your leather with water and a damp cloth to remove dust or loose dirt from the leather surface.

Then using a gentle leather cleanser we hand clean and exfoliate your leather, panel by panel, until all of the dirt and ground-in soils have been removed.

Once your leather is clean, we then liberally apply an environmentally friendly leather conditioner to re-moisturise and protect your leather and make it feel soft and luxurious again!

Finally, we buff your leather to bring back its shine!

If your leather is cracked or damaged, we are happy to arrange for repairs to be completed and will advise on inspection.

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