Professional Carpet & Tiles Cleaning Services with a Lady’s Touch!

We provide both steam (HWS) extraction and dry (encapsulation) cleaning services. Depending on your individual needs and the type of carpet soiling present, we will select the technique that will give you the best result with minimal impact to your lifestyle.

  • Carpet cleaning (Steam / Dry)
  • Stain treatments
  • Spot removal
  • Pet stain treatments
  • Deodorsing
  • Carpet brightening
  • Minor carpet repairs

Our Method

When we attend your home or business to clean your carpets we first walk around and pre-inspect the carpets to identify any problems or concerns that you may have. Once we have understood the scope of your needs we can then select the cleaning method that will give you the best results.

The first step in the cleaning process is to thoroughly vacuum your carpets using a high-end HEPA fitlered upright vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dust and dirt in your carpet. This will lift up the carpet pile to allow a deeper clean.

Encapsulation Cleaning

If Encapsulation Cleaning is the right method for you – then we will carefully mix a solution of environmentally friendly oxidaton and encapsulation polymers to match your carpet soiling needs and dilute with warm / hot water before applying these chemicals with a high-end microfiber pad to your carpets.

(In other words – it grabs the dirt in your carpet, magic happens, it turns into crystals and breaks off the carpet fiber and every time you vacuum it – your carpet gets cleaner and cleaner! The big blue pads that we use are a similar type of microfiber that the Enjo cloths are made from.)

This is a low-water technique, and weather depending, generally takes between 3 – 4 hours to dry.

Steam (HWS) Extraction

If steam extraction is the best option for you, then we will use a hypo allergic environmentally sound carpet cleaning solution to apply to your carpets to begin to break down the soils. We then then use a hot water steam extraction wand to flush the carpet and remove the detergent and soils.

(In other words detergent, hot water and steam are used to wash your carpets and remove the dirt.)

This uses more water than the encapsulation cleaning method and, weather depending, takes between 12 – 24 hours to dry. When using this technique – carpets are left damp rather than wet, but still take longer to dry than encapsulation cleaning.

Spot and stain removal

In addition to the two methods above, spot and stain treatments including using stain-specific chemicals to reduce or completely remove stains. These can include solvents to remove chewing gum, blutac, glue, glitter glue and silly putty. Or more specialist stain removers such as rust removers, tannin breakers, protein and enzymes dissolvers and other highly intensive products.

Pet stain treatments

Sometimes our four-legged friends can leave behind unwanted presents, smells and accidents. Whether it is a new “housebreaking” stain or an older “oops” stain, Jem’s Carpet and Tiles can help!

Using the latest industry techniques, we can remove the smell, reduce or even completely remove the stains and help stop your four-legged friend returning to the same spot!

First we use a UV light to establish the extent of the “accidents” and then we can develop a plan of action to treat the stains and remove the smells that can bring our furry friends back to the same spot.

Once we have our plan of action we can treat the carpet’s stained areas. Using the latest in protein breaking technology and by applying some odour neutralising chemistry, we can start to remedy the yellow/browning that is left behind.

Carpet brightening

Some carpets develop dark grey / brown track marks in the main walkways of your carpets. There is hope! Using a special mix of the latest in polymers and specialised carpet treatment this browning can be dramatically reduced – if not completely removed.

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